Who We Are

We are a leading supplier of laboratory consumables for leading research facilities, mining and industry across the Africa.


At Baitsanape Laboratory Supplies, we are committed to bringing you the highest quality laboratory products at the best possible prices. Each product is backed by our industry leading customer service, and is made to last through the rigorous demands of a busy lab.

100% BEEE Compliant

Established in 2014 we are a majority woman-owned and operated business. We are BEEE Compliant and we will help you get your score up and improve your business’ reputation.

Our Team

BLS is your global laboratory equipment partner with a long track record. Our team is made up of talented professionals with a combined laboratory experience of more than 30 years in Analytical Chemistry, Management of laboratories ranging from inorganic Research labs to Occupational Health Laboratory and sales.

What We Do

We are a leading supplier of laboratory consumables

Pump tubing
Single or Multiple Element(s) Standards
Spray Chambers

Lamps Burners Single Element Standards

Hydrochloric Acid Nitric Acid Hydrofluoric Acid Phosphoric Acid Sulphuric Acid

Crucibles Flux Cupels

Filter papers Zirconium/ Porcelain Crucibles Glassware Balances / Weighing Scales pH Meters Conductivity Meters Chemical Reagents

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